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ways to make your website more trust worthy
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Before we all learn something amazing, let me explain why “Smell” is in the title. 

This is the last article of a 5 part series that will teach you the fundamentals to making a website WIN, and how you could be applying these really important fundamentals to your website. I wouldn’t want you wasting your time trying to learn something that is only going to confuse you.

I’ve put lots of thought into this series to make it as clear and understandable as I can. Let’s be real – you’re probably annoyed and confused when someone with “tech” experience that you’ve approached, preaches something so important about your website….but you have no clue what they’re talking about, nor does it get you a step closer to reaching your goals as a business owner. 

Let me help the best I can.

I like to think a website is a bit like a human. No, no, I’m not trying to argue that a website is better than a human or is even similar. A human has many many important functions that we can use to understand websites, and those are all of our five senses – sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. Today I’m going to be discussing smell.

The “Sniff” Test

When people come on to your website, there’s a chance they are strangers and they don’t know much about you nor your business. So one thing your website must avoid is….looking like a scam. People will come on to your website like sniffer dogs and might spot something unusual about your business because it’s shown on your website. So it’s important you pass the “sniff” test.

People today are becoming more aware of scams and businesses that are complete fakes. The last thing you want is for potential customers to diagnose your business as a scam. It’s really important you don’t give your website visitors the wrong impression. Yes, there are ways to make your website more trusting. I hope you find this article helpful.

1. People Want Transparency

Today’s consumers are becoming more interested in businesses that are real people who are friendly and are willing to get the job done and less interested in extremely professional looking businesses. The problem with looking extremely professional is that there are probably lots of high corporate companies that you would be trying to compete against which is extremely competitive. But if you are a local business that serves local customers, appeal to your local culture and community. The point here is – there is nothing wrong with looking professional, but people love the behind the scenes aspect of your business and they love to see the faces behind the business. Becoming transparent has become an increasingly valued thing for consumers. The ‘about’ page on websites is becoming more valued over time because people want reassurance and are interested in the people running the business.

How do you make your website more transparent? 

Use your own photos/videos 

It’s a good idea to use your business photos for your website because it shows you’re more the “real deal” and less generic unlike everyone else. It’s ok to use stock photos in some instances, but if you know having your own photos is going to work best for business, then try to use your own photos. 

If you have the chance to make videos, or have any videos it might be a great idea to put it on your website. According to Wyzowl, 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation. If you care about getting more customers, then videos might help too!

Improve your ‘about’ page

As mentioned earlier, the about page is becoming more valued by consumers. If you don’t have an about page it might be a good idea to start one now. Some things you could include in an about section of your website is your mission, story values and even include photos of your team members to make your business seem a little bit more personal to your site visitors.

2. Social Proof 

Social proof is massively important. It lets people know that real people have used your business in some way and have gotten something good out of you. This is why getting client/customer testimonials is so important. People will more likely trust you if they’ve seen that real people’s problems are being solved by your business. If you’re trying to sell anything, especially if it’s high cost, it’s great to have testimonials. If you’ve ever received positive feedback from customers ask them to write you a testimonial, or if you want, film a testimonial. The chances are your website will look more trustworthy.

3. The Legal stuff

Legal compliance is  also crucial. If your website is missing any important legal information, your website could be perceived as untrustworthy. Consumers’ privacy is important which is why It’s important that you have a privacy policy on your website. If people who visit your website are aware of what information that you could collect from them and what you do with their information. If your website is a website that makes sales, it’s also important to have a terms and conditions. Not only will it help understand your online customers what they are agreeing to, but it can also help cover your butt if something goes wrong.

Your Next Steps

Follow the advice given in this article. Start showing transparency, get some social proof off happy clients and make sure all your legal stuff is right and is on your website. Hope that helps make your website look more trustworthy for potential customers!

If you’re ready to level up your business with a new website project we can help! Let’s solve!

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