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Growing your local Blue Mountains business starts with a better website.

Websites Designed to Grow With Your Blue Mountains Business

We Are Based In the Blue Mountains Just Like You

Just like you, we run our business and live in the Blue Mountains. If you’re a business that serves the local community, It’s important to have a website that factors in the culture of your local area.

Your Chance to Get More Customers in the Blue Mountains

Did you know on average, 320 people a month are searching “Builders Blue Mountains“? To put that into perspective, if you get 2 out of those 320 people a month as a customer and each project is $5,000, that’s a total of $10,000 per month; $120,000 per year. If you put in the hard yards and rank as close as you can to the top Google for relevant searches, you can have a new way of bringing in new customers.

Our Mission Is Your Mission

 We thrive off solving real world problems which is why we love to dive into your vision a little more, helping tackle your biggest problems rather than just handing off a piece of work to you.

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How We Run Our Business - Website Design Blue Mountains the Right Way

Our aim is to always put forward the best recommendation for our customers. We don’t just copy and paste our website design services across different businesses – we come up with a plan specific to your business and your target audience and then make our best move from there. We understand you might like to run your business the ‘old school’ way, but the power of the internet can help create a new channel to grow your business. Transforming your business online is definately the way to go these days.

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"A winning website for the Blue Mountains is a website that is made for your customers"


We do our website design work all across the Blue Mountains, Penrith and the Hawkesbury area. Since most of our business is powered by the internet, we can work all around Australia, but we know Blue Mountains best.

  • Bell
  • Blackheath
  • Blaxland
  • Bullaburra
  • Faulconbridge
  • Glenbrook
  • Hawkesbury Heights
  • Hazelbrook
  • Katoomba
  • Lapstone
  • Lawson
  • Leura
  • Linden
  • Medlow Bath
  • Mount Irvine
  • Mount Riverview
  • Mount Victoria
  • Mount Wilson
  • Springwood
  • Sun Valley
  • Valley Heights
  • Warrimoo
  • Wentworth Falls
  • Winmalee
  • Woodford
  • Yellow Rock


The cost of the website greatly depends on the scope of the project and what’s involved. We don’t usually charge less than $2,000 for a website. We’ve quoted projects from $2,000 to over $10,000. The best way to find out how much we charge is to reach out to us, so we can learn more about your project and quote you with an exact price. Sound like a plan?

Yes, we offer ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to our customers who have already had a website built with us. With that said, SEO starts before the website is even built, however if you really want to crush search rankings, it’s important to do ongoing work. Just like going to the gym, it’s not a set and forget kind of task.

If you have an SEO question, hit us up, we’ll do our best to lead you in the right direction.

We primarily use WordPress. It powers most of the internet and it can reliably accomplish custom functionalities. The main aim for us is to help our customers to grow their businesses, and WordPress helps us do just that.

For eCommerce, we generally opt for Shopify.

We are currently based in Katoomba, the heart of the Blue Mountains. Before Katoomba, we were in Penrith.

A young fella named Chad does. Chad dedicates his time learning about and mastering the world of business from conceptualisation to execution, especially marketing. Chad loves helping other businesses find their feet when it comes to the online world. Chad loves it and it allows business owners based in the Blue Mountains to spend most of their time doing what they are good at. When you work with CoClear Developments you’ll be working with Chad.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us. The point is, if you tell us your goals and intentions, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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