The Power of Remarketing Your Brand Using Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook advertising remarketing
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To put Facebook and Instagram ad remarketing in plain terms, it is when you run an ad to someone who already knows who you are and has shown some sort of interest with your brand. Remarketing is a powerful way to take advantage of the people who are already family with your brand. Unlike prospecting (targeting new people), remarketing is an incredible way to re-engage people and further push them to make the sale.

Remarketing is Like Asking for a Second Date…

You can think of a successful remarketing campaign like winning over your dream crush. I know it is a bit odd, but the point is, both dating and marketing involve forming some kind of relationship. 

As you know (hopefully), it usually takes time to form a relationship, especially your crush. Usually, you don’t just show up once and instantly your crush likes you back. It takes time, multiple dates, impressing and getting to know each other.

This same concept applies to social media marketing. You have to show up at multiple touchpoints and each different touchpoint you have to warm up to your audience a little more. This isn’t a new concept to marketing. It’s called a marketing funnel. It’s been around for a long time, but it is often forgotten or not used by many brands selling products on the internet. 

Remarketing is like asking for a second date when you know the first one was a success. 

The Marketing Funnel Concept

A marketing funnel is a fancy term for the customer journey. The customer journey can be broken up into 4 different stages: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA). The idea of this concept is that when people interact with a brand it’s a part of a whole journey rather than just people either browsing or buying a product. The journey starts with the customer not knowing who you are and ending by purchasing your product. That’s the goal anyway.

It can also be broken up into three different parts: Top of Funnel (TOFU), Middle of Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom of Funnel (BOFU). 

From these stages and parts of the funnel, there are three different types of audiences: a cold audience, a warm audience and a hot audience. Cold being the people who are not aware of your brand, warm being the people who are interested in your brand and hot being the people who are very close to buying. We use remarketing campaigns to make our warm audiences even warmer to leverage our marketing for better results.

The Power of Remarketing Your Brand Using Facebook and Instagram Advertising 1

Retargeting Audiences

You are targeting people who already know your brand. Just like I mentioned before, these are your warm and hot audiences. Facebook is awesome because it knows where people are in your marketing funnel. If you set up your campaigns correctly in your ads manager, Facebook will find the right people to retarget to.

So, who do we remarket to? Who exactly are our warm remarketing audiences? Below are the types of people it’s best to remarket your advertising to.

Recent website visitors

  • People who have recently visited your website. How recent depends on previous data, but usually it’s website visitors in the last 30 days.

Facebook and instagram engagers

  • People who have liked, commented and shared your posts.

Video views

  • 10-second video views (people who have watched 10 seconds of one of your video ads. This shows some sort of interest, hence it’s worth retargeting to them. Depending on the length of the video you can use or 50% video views.


It’s important you exclude all of your recent customers (generally customers within the last 180 days) from your remarketing ads. It’s likely someone who has bought in the last 180. days might not buy again within the next 180 days. It’s also more cost-efficient and effective for remarketing ad spend to go to audiences who have shown interest in your brand recently, but haven’t purchased recently.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads are incredibly effective for remarketing strategy for e-commerce brands. It’s usually the most relevant ad you use. A dynamic product ad is an ad that gets shown on a website visitors feed based on what they’ve already been looking at. For example, if a customer views a specific type of t-shirt on your website you can make it so Facebook will target them with an ad with that same t-shirt they have been looking at. 

This ad is curated for the customer. Relevance is an important marketing key here, and dynamic product ads do just that.

The Power of Remarketing Your Brand Using Facebook and Instagram Advertising 2

You can even target them at different parts of the customer journey or funnel. For instance, you can target them with a dynamic ad when they view a page or you can move further down the funnel and target products they’ve added to their cart. Dynamic product ads are usually the most converting types of Facebook ads.

Your Next Steps

Whether you’ve already started remarketing on Instagram and Facebook or you’re still learning more about remarketing for your brand, good luck! It can be quite rewarding for your business if done correctly. If you need this kind of help or don’t have the capacity, feel free to get in touch!

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