The Importance of Maintaining Your Website

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If you care about your website (even the slightest bit), it is essential that you give your website the required maintenance and tender love and care. Not only does your website deserve it, but it’s what it needs to operate without any issues. Yes…we offer website maintenance as a service, and we do advise our website design/development clients to be on one of our care plans. Keep reading to find out why it’s so important.

Just like people – you need to eat, you need to drink. Just like ANYTHING you own and care about. You need to service your car. Why? Your engine could blow up. You need to mow the lawn regularly. Why? So your lawn doesn’t look like a mess. You need to get a haircut. Why? So you look good, maybe prevent giving people the wrong impression. You get the point….

If you don’t maintain any of these things, you often don’t care about the consequences that come with it either.

What happens if you don’t do maintenance on your website?

Right now you are (or just thought about) moaning and groaning at your screen:

yeah ok, whatever. What’s the consequences if I don’t do maintenance on my website.” 

I’m glad you asked! Here they are.

  • Hackers can steal private information about your business. 
  • Issues associated with malware
  • Broken website functionality
  • Slow site speed
  • Website downtime…. without you even realising
  • Errors
  • bugs 

If you’re not doing any sort of maintenance on your website, you’re taking huge risks! Your website exists to bring in more leads and sales or to uphold your credibility and legitimacy as a business. If I was to be honest, I don’t think your potential customers like broken sites either. If you can’t keep your website running, there’s a chance they could think you can’t run your business at all. You could be losing leads and sales without even knowing. Ouch!

Even some of the biggest sites in the world are vulnerable to hackers. This includes businesses like eBay, Canva, LinkedIn and a whole lot more. It can be quite a scary world on the internet when it comes down to hackers and other online vulnerabilities.

To find out more information about big corporations being hacks click here

Benefits of Maintaining your Website

Website Maintenance can get your website closer to:

  • Preventing hackers from stealing private information about your business. 
  • Preventing issues associated with malware
  • Preventing broken website functionality
  • Preventing slow site speed
  • Preventing website downtime…. without you even realising
  • Preventing errors
  • Preventing bugs 

Disclaimer: Although websites can be maintenanced, there is never a guarantee that hacks, malware ect. Will never occur. You can only use the best tools and apply the best procedures to try to prevent the occurrence of these issues. Using the best tools and procedures will greatly lessen the risk.

Our Monthly Maintenance Workflow

At CoClear Developments, we backup up your website before we even do any software updates. This means if something goes wrong in the process, we can take your site back to where it left off and find a solution from there. Every month you’ll receive a maintenance monthly report, so you don’t have to touch a single thing but you still get to see what’s going on in the backend. If in the event of a software issue, we will address it before you ever know there’s a problem.

Final Words

If I’m ever trying to “upsell” you onto one of our maintenance care plans, I hope you see there’s a good reason why – there is ongoing value. There’s tremendous ongoing value, and it could cover your……bottom. It’ll also save you loads of research, time and even better – you can spend your time and energy on the things you love and the things you’re best at and stick to what you specialise in or whatever your sweet spot is (I’m sure it’s not maintaining websites). Plus, your website will be given the maintenance and care to try to prevent any issues and to keep your site performing at its best.

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