4 Ways You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Educating Your Website Audience – Taste

4 Ways You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Educating Your Website Audience
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Before we all learn something amazing, let me explain why “Taste” is in the title. 

This is the fourth article of a 5 part series that will teach you the fundamentals to making a website WIN, and how you could be applying these really important fundamentals to your website. I wouldn’t want you wasting your time trying to learn something that is only going to confuse you.

I’ve put lots of thought into this series to make it as clear and understandable as I can. Let’s be real – you’re probably annoyed and confused when someone with “tech” experience that you’ve approached, preaches something so important about your website….but you have no clue what they’re talking about, nor does it get you a step closer to reaching your goals as a business owner. 

Let me help the best I can.

I like to think a website is a bit like a human. No, no, I’m not trying to argue that a website is better than a human or is even similar. A human has many many important functions that we can use to understand websites, and those are all of our five senses – sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. Today I’m going to be discussing taste.

Give Your Audience “Good Taste”

The taste sense is our consuming sense. Taste can be broken up into different ways – good taste and bad taste. A good tasting business is one that educates their audience. 

1. Become The Authority By Creating A Blog

Don’t ever think blogs are just for the health, fitness, travel and lifestyle space – they are definitely not. They are for every business willing to spend the time and effort to create them.  If you ever find yourself with spare time in your business, create content. I’ll say it again – create content.

“Yeah, so what. If I’m going to spend time writing blog posts, what am I going to get out of it?” 

Having a website gives you many different opportunities to position your business, and it can have a drastic positive effect on your business. When I say opportunity, what I mean by that is you don’t have to have a website for the sake of just putting text and images on your website –  you have the opportunity to go extra with it. To position your business better, educating your audience can become extremely powerful. It’s what I am doing this very second – creating an article so the people who come on to this article might find my business somewhat interesting. 

“How does making a blog actually make me an authority and make my business any better?” 

I’ll explain.

There are many people who are Do It Yourself (DIY) people. They need a solution, but they rather find that solution without hiring a professional and just doing it themselves. People who are DIY people come onto the internet looking how to do something or a tutorial. If they come across your content and they find out you can do it for them, they might realise that having an expert to do their job might save them time, the struggle and would be better off. So you can actually shift their thinking to just an interest in your article converted into a paying customer. 

For example, someone’s washing machine just broke. They could buy a new one, they could hire a professional, or they could repair the washing machine themselves. If you had a washing machine repair business (which is a completely random business, I know), you could post blog posts (or articles) that taught the necessary steps people need to know about repairing a washing machine. Stuff like, diagnosing the problem, the necessary tools and parts that are required and the fixing processes ect. If your content guides them through the process or a part of the process they might realise that it’s more worthwhile to hire you. 

The scenario could be slightly different. There could be someone who knows they need to hire a professional, so they jump on the internet. They come across two different washing machine repair businesses’ websites. One of the websites has a blog and the other one doesn’t. Although there might be other factors that might affect this person’s decision, the business that is actively posting and educating their audience is probably going to win. If a business is active and they are creating content that helps people and shows they know their stuff – I’m sure that business is going to look favourable.

There’s the idea that helping people will help get more sales. So start by creating an audience then educate and help your audience. 

It’s good publicity too.

If you want your business to become “famous”, creating content is key. The more active you are, the more publicity you get, and the most effective way to do this is to create content because it puts yourself out there. 

2. Blogs Are Not Just For Your Audience … It’s For Google Too

The great thing about creating blog posts is that you’re putting relevant words on your website. The more keywords you have on your website the more likely Google will rank you higher for those keywords (if you’re confused by these couple of sentences, click here). Also, It’s never good to have too many words on your homepage because it’s usually pretty good at putting people off because people never read it when there’s too much information. Having more relevant words on your website helps rank in Google. So that’s the plus side of having blog posts – you can put relevant content on your website without destroying the homepage with too many words. 

So the title of this article says “you’re missing out”. That’s right if you’re not educating you could be missing the chance of creating a better brand and miss out on the opportunity of becoming an authority for your industry.

3. Throw Some Videos in There Too

Videos are becoming the new form of media, because people love them. Videos are the next level form of communication on the internet because it’s the closest thing you can get to physical communication (other than an online call like Zoom or FaceTime).  

You can be easily distracted by reading text. I find that videos are just more interesting. It’s generally easier to understand what your business does, and to be honest I find it a little more entertaining. But just like any piece of content on your website that you want people to read/watch, you can’t keep it too long otherwise people will get bored, so keep it fast-paced and concise. 

What videos should I be making?

I think there are three different types of videos you could and should be making – Explanation, Educating and Social videos. 

Explanation Videos: These types of videos explain something about your business, they are used to inform potential customers or clients to explain your process or how your business works. For instance having an introductory video on your homepage, or having a video on every page of your website explaining what the page is about. 

Educating Videos: Having a YouTube channel (or other video platform) teaching your audience how to do something – teaching the DIY people. 

Social Videos: Videos you post on social media. These types of videos show your business is active and is always ready to help. Also a way of showing transparency and bringing people inside your business.

4. Stop Worrying & Start Doing

The reason why most people don’t post content and create videos is because they are worried people are going to think differently about them and their business. Posting content is definitely a mindset game but If you post content you’re probably helping more people then making people angry. Just have the approach where you’re trying to help people and you might get somewhere. 

Your Next Steps

  • Create a Blog on your website that teaches something. 
  • Start making explanation, educating and social videos to put your business out there. 
  • There’s nothing wrong with creating helpful content, so start doing it now.

If you’re ready to level up your business with a new website project we can help! Let’s solve!

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